Scott Bornemeier, LLC offers high speed internet access through Future Technologies Internet service. Our service is available throughout many rural areas and small towns across southeast Nebraska.  If you are still burdened by slow dial up internet service or tired of paying too much for an unreliable DSL or satellite internet connection we have a solution for you. 

ITíS FAST! We can deliver speeds as high as 45 Mb/s!!!  Our robust network is backed by a powerful Fiber Optic connection to the internet unlike many other providers who rely on fractional T1's!!! We have a variety of  service plans available and a wide coverage area so call today for more information or to set up an appointment.

New coverage in the Tecumseh and Cook area!


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Current Special!

Get your neighbor to sign up for service and have it installed on the same day as you and you'll both get a FREE MONTH of service.


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